About Us

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International (RtMI) is the global headquarters of the mineral resources and metals trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation.

“Resource to Market” symbolizes our commitment to supplying quality minerals and metals to the market via sustainable means. Our raison d’être is to be known worldwide as the trusted and most reliable trading partner in the mineral and metal industry.

Products & Services

We have a balanced portfolio of diversified suppliers and off-takes from copper mines investment by Mitsubishi Corporation. We also source copper blister, anodes, cathodes, wire rods, billets and cakes for our trading operations and supply these products to customers worldwide.


Our alumina and bauxite are sourced from reputable producers in various countries and shipped directly to smelters and refineries. With our long-time presence in the aluminium industry, we are well positioned in the supply chain from beginning to end.


We are a leading trader in the global aluminum market dealing in primary and secondary aluminum ingots, value added products (VAP), low carbon aluminium as well as aluminium scraps.

Iron Ore

We trade various types of iron ore, such as DRI/HBI to steel mills around the world as well as DR and BF pellets, lumps, sinter feed and pellet feed sourced from a diversified base of suppliers in Chile, Brazil, Canada and Australia.


We serve a global customer base of power generation plants and steel mills through our sustainable supply of steaming and metallurgical coal that is sourced from reputable suppliers in Australia, Indonesia, USA and others.

Stainless Steel Raw Materials

We trade a wide range of raw materials, including Ferro Nickel, Nickel Ore, Ferrochrome and other Ferroalloys. Our Nickel ore is procured from Southeast Asia and New Caledonia, and is sold to ferronickel manufacturing companies.

Battery & Mobility

We trade components and raw materials used in electric vehicles and fuel cells which are essential for a carbon-neutral society, as well as next-generation digital products needed for DX.

Precious Metals

We provide our clients with a “value chain” of precious metals services for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium & Iridium.

Global Presence

Our extensive network, comprising local offices and affiliates in over 90 countries, enables round-the-clock access to both international and regional market insights and services, providing accurate information and timely business solutions.

Sustainability & CSR

As a global metals and minerals trading company, we believe in fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities through our business and commercial activities. We strive to be a disciplined and accountable corporate citizen, committed to business operations in harmony with society and the environment.


We are a thriving metals and minerals commodity trading company with the venerable trading DNA of Mitsubishi corporation. Our talented employees are the key to staying a step ahead in this industry and we continuously seek the best talent to join our team.