CSR Charter

Taking into account the risks and demands associated with RIM's operations and the expectations from our stakeholders, RtMI is making efforts to engage in a more active role in relation to CSR. The three overarching themes in RIMI's CSR activities are:

"Realizing an Inclusive Society."
"Empowering the Next Generation"
"Conserving the Environment."

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

RtMI follows Mitsubishi Corporation's policy for sustainable supply chain management the purpose of which is to outline the company's actions to address human rights, labour rights, and environmental issues in the supply chain, convey the company's fundamental perspective to its suppliers around the world and expecting all suppliers to understand, embrace and abide by it.

CSR Committee

RtMI has established a CSR Committee, responsible for developing strategies and implementing policies aimed at achieving sustainable societal value, promoting the environment, and advancing the company's philanthropic objectives while recognizing the interest of the stakeholders. The CSR Committee is composed of the CEO, CSO, CFO, Global Head of the Human Resources and Global Head of the Legal & Compliance, Sustainability CSR. The CSR Committee is responsible for implementing company policies that align with the company's principles, recommend the CSR activities of the company and the amount of expenditures to be incurred in relation to CSR,and monitoring the company's CSR activities.